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What sectors is SI Ventures interested in pursuing?

SI Ventures primarily focuses on companies that are involved in software and services; systems and components; emerging technologies. For more information, go to Investment Strategy.

How much financing does SI Ventures provide?

Depending on the company's needs, business plan and execution strategy, initial investment opportunities typically range from $2 million to $5 million plus potential subsequent rounds. SI Ventures has successfully formed syndicates with leading VC firms.

Does SI Ventures have geographic preferences for its portfolio companies?

SI Ventures primarily focuses on the Southeastern United States.

After funding, are SI Ventures executives directly involved with the portfolio company?

Besides capital, SI Ventures provides strategic development and relationships to portfolio companies. The firm's investment professionals and venture partners become active board members or advisors for each company and provide valuable operating experience. In addition, they leverage their vast base of contacts to help portfolio companies succeed.

Does SI Ventures sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)?

SI Ventures does not sign NDAs or confidentiality agreements. SI Ventures, its directors, advisors and partners are professionals who understand the value of proprietary information to companies that present business plans. The integrity and reputation of SI Ventures is irreproachable, and the firm has a policy of returning or destroying business plans of companies that are not selected for funding.

How do I submit a business plan?

Submit your business plan to SI Ventures by clicking on Submitting a Business Plan and following the outline provided. Companies may send business plans by using the Online Form or can mail hardcopies directly to the corporate offices. For more information on what a business plan should include, go to Business Plan Guidelines.

Who reviews the business plan?

SI Ventures' managing directors and principals are highly experienced in the deal-making process and know what to look for in a business plan. The alliance with Gartner gives SI Ventures direct access analysts who are experts in the industries they follow and can quickly evaluate a business idea and help validate strategies for growth.

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