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SI Ventures prefers potential portfolio companies initially submit a two to four-page executive summary. The firm will quickly respond when additional information is needed. SI Ventures typically invests in privately held early and mid-stage IT and communications infrastructure companies that enable e-business.


The material submitted should include the following:



What is the target market, its current size and projected growth rates?



What is the nature of the product or service, the technology on which it is based and the compelling reason it will be embraced by the target market?



Who are existing and potential competitors?
What are the company's competitive strengths and weaknesses?
How will the company build and defend market share?



What are the backgrounds of existing key managers?
What significant management additions are planned over the next twelve months?
Who is on the board?



How will customers access the product or service?

Current Status:


Where is the company today in terms of development, revenue and capitalization?



Provide summary financial projections for three to five years.

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements

SI Ventures does not sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements. SI Ventures, its directors, advisors and partners are professionals and understand the value of proprietary information to companies that present business plans. The integrity and reputation of SI Ventures is irreproachable, and the firm has a policy of returning or destroying business plans of companies that are not selected for funding.

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